The miserables in Minneapolis Return generates more than $ 10 million in local economic impact

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The minnesota twins took on the new york mets at the Minneapolis Target Field on may 12, it was a thrilling night of baseball in the twin cities, with the twins emerging victorious with a final score of 5-3.
the twins started the game off with a bang, scoring three runs in the first inning. They were able to add to their lead in the fourth inning, as c. Cron hit a solo home run over the left field wall. The mets were able to rally late in the game, but the twins were able to keep their lead and take the win.
the twins pitching was the star of the night. Starter jos berrios was dominant, throwing seven innings of shutout ball, striking out nine and allowing just four hits. The bullpen then took over, with taylor rogers and trevor may combining to throw two scoreless innings to secure the victory.
the twins offense was also solid, collecting 13 hits on the night and playing a clean game in the field. Byron buxton and eddie rosario were the stars, as they each had two hits and drove in a run.
overall, it was a great night of baseball at Target Field. The twins were able to get the win, and the crowd was treated to some great pitching and offense. It was a night to remember for twins fans!


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